Q: What about soy?

A: Many are confused about the consumption of soy. The poor little soy bean has taken a bad rap from many who do not have scientific research to back their claims.  Here is a great summary from PCRM which dispels many of the myths around soy.  When evaluating nutrition claims, be sure to stick with the valid science and epidemiological studies.

Q: Can we reduce our ecological footprint by eating a plant-based diet?

A:  Absolutely! Current research indicates that you can improve your ecological footprint by choosing a plant-based diet.  Eating plant-based helps reduce nitrous oxide and methane production; reduces pollution of our water systems (streams, rivers, oceans); helps avoid excessive CO2 production; reduces the destruction of topsoil and tropical rainforests; reduces the destruction of wildlife habitats and endangered species; and reduces the use of antibiotics, chemicals, and growth promoters.