Julie Oien Wellness is dedicated to enhancing lives through education on nutrition, fitness, and life strategy skills. By raising the awareness of the effect of food and lifestyle choices, we enhance overall health and longevity. Rather than simply exist, we discover how to thrive! I provide a forward looking view of nutrition, having advanced education and training in holistic and plant-based nutrition. I’m a certified personal trainer, cycling and group exercise instructor, nutrition and wellness coach, lecturer, and workshop facilitator.  An avid runner, cyclist, and whole food advocate, I believe in leading by example!


My goal is to educate, empower, and support you on your journey to better health!  I believe that education is power.  Awareness and education are the ‘keys’ to replacing old habits and thought patterns with more healthy lifestyle behaviors.  Most of us have been raised to believe certain ‘facts’ and do so blindly without really knowing if these are accurate.  I was there.  I once believed everything that was ‘fed’ to me, without really questioning ‘why’.  That has now changed, but I had to be ‘open’ to questioning old beliefs, which often went against society, friends, and family!

My journey started in the late 1990s and I haven’t looked back!  After returning to school and receiving my MS in Holistic Nutrition, I continued my education with Cornell University, successfully completing their Plant-Based Nutrition Program.  I’ve also had the privilege and honor to train with some of the most respected in the plant-based community, including: T. Colin Campbell, PhD; Dr. John McDougall; Dr. Neal Barnard; Pam Popper; and others.

I’m excited that you stopped by!  My hope is that you will find information that is beneficial.  Please leave a question of comment, I’d love to connect!